In this list I will introduce you to the best version of each recipe for 10 classic cocktails. The recipes come from my own experience based upon my education in cocktails courtesy of some incredible cocktail bars and David A. Embury, the author of the finest book on cocktail making: The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks. I strongly urge any person interested in cocktails buy his book – it is unsurpassed. You can buy a copy here.

Aside from glasses, you will need some kind of hard object for squashing fruits in the glass (this is called a muddler). You will also need a cocktail shaker (a large lidded jar will do if you can not get a cocktail shaker), a tall glass, a stirrer, and a strainer. This is what they look like:

Bar Tool Image

Some things to note about cocktails: a true cocktail will never include milk or cream. Additionally, none of the cocktails above use vodka as the aim of a cocktail is to enjoy the flavored spirit and vodka is a raw spirit – if you must have vodka, stick to a a vodka and orange – don’t waste expensive cocktail ingredients by mixing them with this bland spirit.